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The importance of mobile optimization

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mobile devicesHow well does your website look and feel on a mobile device? Until recently many businesses didn’t consider the functionality of their website on mobile devices, however now more than ever it is increasingly important to have a mobile friendly site. Statistics indicate website views from mobile devices have been steadily climbing and are currently reaching 50-60% in many markets, this upward trend is only expected to continue.

It is good practice to look at your website on a desktop from a client’s point of view ensuring it looks good and works the way it is intended. You should now take that one step further and view it on a tablet as well as a smart phone, both vertically and horizontally on each device to see if your site is as functional as it should be. With so many different types of devices it can be hard to ensure that your site will perform well on each one. We can utilize programs to check your site against dozens of different device views and fine tune it accordingly.

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